Saturday, June 25, 2011

15 Items Every Woman Should Own

Let us begin this post with a heartfelt apology to our readers for the delay since our last posting. While we can only blame the joy of summer sun and our ever fleeting youth we think that's valid. Therefore darling ducklings we present to you this extra long post about the most versatile items that every woman must own.

The Clothes

15 Items Part 1

LBD- The type of LBD all depends on your body-type but there are still a few general rules that everyone must follow. First of all nothing trendy and the dress should fall just above or just below the knee. Depending on your budget you should spend a little more then you would for the average dress because (and forgive our sass ducklings) but there's nothing worse than a cheap LBD from H&M or Forever 21 and you can spot one from a mile away. By investing in a quality dress you will be saving money in the future since they will age better and you won't have to replace it every year or two. One last thing, keep in mind that plain does not equal boring, you can get a visually interesting dress that will be versatile for years to come. 
Suit- First in order to be unique without standing out go with a navy blue suit rather than black since black is not only predictable but also a severe color. We recommend J.Crew for a good selection of quality suits. When looking for your suit please go the extra mile to get a three piece one (pants, skirt, and jacket) since it will increase the versatility. Also to increase you versatility look for a suit made of real wool but keep it light so you can wear the suit all year-round. 
Cardigan- There are plenty of places on the Internet for you to find a quality product at a bargain price therefore the only acceptable type of material is cashmere. Get it in any color you want so long as it matches both your skin tone and is versatile enough to match your existing wardrobe (i.e. a lime green sweater may look great on you but it will be hard to work into your everyday wardrobe). We recommend you think royal blues, plums or emerald green but avoid black and brown but especially white (let's face it everyone spills). 
Crisp White Blouse- There's not much to say here except that you must become good friends with bleach, starch, and an iron to increase your blouses lifetime. Remember a good shirt is like a good bottle of wine, it gets better with age. It starts out as your go-to work shirt and as it gets older becomes the perfect I'm too hung over for today shirt until it reaches it's final incarnation as the perfect swim coverup.
Interesting Shirt- Interesting does not necessarily mean loud but we are intentionally vague here because you can have fun and showcase your personality with this shirt. Stores such as Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters are good places to start looking for your new favorite shirt. 
Jeans- Go dark wash, with a medium flare, but fitted (read: you can wear a belt if you want but they fit perfectly without). Again quality counts, find the brand the works the best for your body shape TickTock loves Joe's because they make her ass look her good but Tink favors Gap because they wear well and are reliable. Remember that while jeans can be dressed up and down they must be comfortable.
Blazer- Like your jeans the blazer should be fitted with a lining that has an interesting pattern so you can roll the sleeves up, make sure the blazer is a different color then your suit for versatility and you can mix and match as needed. As far as the lapel is concerned make it thicker than a pencil but if you can fit a Sarah Palin sized American flag pin on it it's too big!
Day Dress- This is the dress that you wear when you have no idea what to wear. You can throw it on and feel confident and do whatever you need to do, from a relaxed Friday at the office to Sunday brunch. Again this is an opportunity for you to have fun with your clothing and pick a dress with some personality. Pick a cut that flatters your figure and one you feel comfortable.  

The Shoes
Black stilettos- First of all, we understand that stilettos are not for everyone and trust us there is nothing worse than watching a girl hobble down the street in shoes that she simply SHOULD NOT be wearing. Therefore, if you don't wear heels on a regular basis start small and work your way up to the stiletto. But, while you're working on increasing the heel height please please please (we beg on bended knee) do no buy shoes that are pretty but do not fit properly or are cheap because just like shoes that are too high for you, it shows. Now once you graduate to the stiletto there are only two basic rules to follow. No platforms and nothing trendy. Every woman should have a variety of heels to choose from in her wardrobe so these are not for statement purposes. The black stiletto should be your "I'm running desperately late and just have to grab something before running to work" shoe. Therefore you want something so simple it goes with every outfit and so comfortable you could run a couple of blocks if necessary (although we define necessary as you suddenly find yourself living out the movie Godzilla and not you may miss your bus, after all there is always another bus and nobody really enjoys running in heels). 
Boots- These boots are made for walking. These need to be flat and ideally a cognac color. They go with everything- skirts, jeans, dress. Remember to take care of them, get them reheeled at the end of each season and polish them every 3-4 week, this will add years to the life of your boots. You can wear these boots from mid October till mid April. Make sure they are comfortable first and foremost. They may be the shoes you wear for most of fall and winter.  
15 Items Part 2
The Accessories
Pearls- TickTock wanted to leave it that, pearls, so the reader could simply assume they needed a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, perhaps even a ring. But TInk insisted that we pair it down for our readers to one thing, a pearl necklace. And so we suggest opera length (read: a long strand that you can wrap at two to three times around you) with the pearls sized between .5 and 1 inch each. Why a pearl necklace? It's as classic as classic comes but with only an ounce or two of creativity you can make it unique. Wear the necklace totally unwrapped and knotted circa 1920's flapper or wrapped it three times and secure it with a broach or small piece of colorful ribbon. 
Silver watch- Grown-ups wear watches and unfortunately we all need to act like grown-ups from time to time. So throw on that watch (no digital's allowed!) and wear it with so much confidence that everyone thinks you are a grown-up. But do you want to know a secret? Just because you're wearing a plain, grown-up silver watch does not mean that the rest of your outfit must be plain and grown-up. Remember that this list is just essentials so you don't have to (and actually can't) wear everything at once. 
Aviators- Again we recommend that you get silver frames but for some gold will work better with your skin tone. Aviators are classically cool and laid-back which means that wearing them to work could make you a bit of a rebel (and who doesn't want to be that girl at work?). But despite the street-cred that come with aviators they actually are a very versatile piece that much like those dark wash jeans can be dressed up or down. Although who are we kidding? We like them because we look cool wearing them. 
Silk Scarf- Obviously the ideal silk scarf is an Hermes. However, you can find a silk-ish scarf as low as $20 at either American Apparel or Urban Outfitters. It can also act as on of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe going from the obvious triangle scarf around your neck, to a belt, to an accessory tied to your bag. Much like the LBD a silk scarf will last you for years and, if you choose appropriately, will never go out of style. One quick word for choosing the right scarf for you, make sure the pattern speaks or is relatable to you. For example, Tink got her Hermes in Paris and chose a Paris theme since it fit and added to her memories of her time there. 
Pashmina- Pashminas are the larger but slightly less mature cousin of the silk scarf. Larger is good because it adds a certain versatility to the item. Unwrap it and wear it as a shawl or play with various versions wrapped around your neck as a scarf. TickTock even has a friend who takes two smaller pashminas and braids them together to wear them as a scarf. At least one pashmina is necessary for your wardrobe but if you find that you like the pop of color or the ease of wear by all means get more. But remember the second thing about the pashmina, they are the less mature cousin of the silk scarf. They're great for everyday wear, even to the office, but if you're dressing to impress go with the scarf.

We know we said we'd stop at 15 but Tink just couldn't help herself...
Bag- When searching for the perfect handbag it's important to take into consideration a few things- lifestyle, existing wardrobe and personality. When all these factors are considered it becomes impossible to define the perfect bag, everyone is unique, but a few characteristics are suggested. Leather is the preferred medium, but if for personal reasons you don't do leather there are plenty of vegan companies that design amazing bags that don't make you look like you just got back from Woodstock. In theory a shoulder strap is perfect for any lifestyle but especially for a city when you commute or don't have the luxury of driving everywhere and so have to carry your entire life in your bag. Need inspiration? Look to the Marc Jacobs cross body bag or any Balenciaga bag for examples.