Sunday, May 22, 2011

Conservative and Fabulous

To dress conservatively does not mean that one must sacrifice one’s fabulousness. You can maintain your sense of style while not ruffling any feathers in the office. The key is balance. You cannot go wrong with a plain black pencil skirt, black blazer, or nude pumps. All three of these classic items can mix well with other less traditionally conservative clothes such as the teal blouse, hoop earrings and bangles we’ve put together.

Conservative and Fabulous
In a stuffy office setting it’s the small details that will give your outfit both a sense of style and personality. For example, the men’s size watch, the colored bangles, and particularly the studs on the handle of the feminine bag provide enough visual interest to prevent you from becoming another wall flower.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day to Night: Summer in the City

Now that we've gotten those two basic rules out of the way let's talk summer.

As summer heats up it becomes more and more tempting to ditch the formal office wear and show up to work in something you can comfortably grab drinks in later without worrying about the sweltering heat.

We are here to tell you all that not only is this UNACCEPTABLE but also lazy and totally preventable. Here are some do's to summer-time office wear that will make you instant water-cooler gossip (in a good way!).

The key to looking fabulous and staying practical? Accessories.

Structured bag, respectable heels, low-key jewelry (note: low key does NOT equal boring just not massive), interesting blazer and dress. Draws the eye. Flattering.

Those are the cornerstones to bringing respectability and versatility to any outfit
Now lets look at the Day and Night look.

Here we have chosen a DVF dress as the base piece. It is appropriate enough for the office while still adding some visual interest. A classic black blazer, with a more interesting collar that does not take away from the lines of the dress, elevates that look. Classic accessories( Mary Jane pumps, a lady-like bag, and interesting jewelry) take the look from expected to interesting.
Office Outfit
Here we have switched out a classic black bag for a studded bag with a golden chain. This rock and roll look instantly adds interest to the look. That changed, paired with the new tulip heels take what was a respectable office, and turn it into an outfit for a night on the town.

Any time you want to dress up your look, without having to go home after work, ramping up the wow factor of the accessories is key.

Class with Tick Tock& Tink: Lesson 1

Is everyone ready for your first lesson in fashion? Before we can get to any of those fascinating fashion dilemmas like such as "Can you wear white after Labor Day?" we must cover the basics. So here they are, the basics...

To begin with, while shopping everyone is tempted to go cheap in order to save money (at least we know we are) but remember that there is a reason that a blouse from Brooks Brothers will cost you over $100 and something from Gap only $30 or $40, QUALITY. Please we are begging you to spend the extra money now, it's worth it. That Brooks Brothers blouse will last you 10 or 15 years but the one from Gap? Ruined in one. 

We want you to focus on buying investment pieces(both our mom's have pieces they have had before we were born that they wear). Because we know how expensive that can be, I want to extoll the virtues of the sample and final sale. The internet has created so many opportunities to seucre deals on amazing brands. Gilt Group, Rue LaLa, Bluefly and even just the websites of your favorite brand can help you score that gorgeous must-have for half-off. 

And if you happen to find that perfect shirt or dress online but a size or two too big? Buy it and have it tailored!

Which conveniently brings us to the next rule, tailoring. Almost no one fits in clothes the way they're sold (and we hate those that do). Therefore a tailor is your best friends. Find someone good and stick with him. Buy that gorgeous dress and before you even think about wearing it brining to your BFF the tailor and let it down/out and take it in/up. It doesn't take much but the end result will make the dress, shirt, pants or whatever look so much nicer on you. 

Remember, the most beautiful dress in the world is ugly if it doesn't fit correctly. 

Monday, May 16, 2011


And so it begins. What was, last week, a joke at a graduation party has become a real-live (well as real as anything on the Internet can be) blog.

By the way, did you know that a 2-carat diamond solitaire in the Tiffany setting (from Tiffanys clearly) is worth around $30,000 (without tax) or that an evening taffeta skirt from St. John's will run you about $595. That my dears is merely a sampling of the information we will cover in our blog.

You can also look forward to TV-recaps, scathing commentary on the world we see around us, delicious photo spreads, and our opinions on everything!

Friends and family "fasten your seatbelt it's going to be a bumpy night." -All About Eve