Thursday, May 19, 2011

Class with Tick Tock& Tink: Lesson 1

Is everyone ready for your first lesson in fashion? Before we can get to any of those fascinating fashion dilemmas like such as "Can you wear white after Labor Day?" we must cover the basics. So here they are, the basics...

To begin with, while shopping everyone is tempted to go cheap in order to save money (at least we know we are) but remember that there is a reason that a blouse from Brooks Brothers will cost you over $100 and something from Gap only $30 or $40, QUALITY. Please we are begging you to spend the extra money now, it's worth it. That Brooks Brothers blouse will last you 10 or 15 years but the one from Gap? Ruined in one. 

We want you to focus on buying investment pieces(both our mom's have pieces they have had before we were born that they wear). Because we know how expensive that can be, I want to extoll the virtues of the sample and final sale. The internet has created so many opportunities to seucre deals on amazing brands. Gilt Group, Rue LaLa, Bluefly and even just the websites of your favorite brand can help you score that gorgeous must-have for half-off. 

And if you happen to find that perfect shirt or dress online but a size or two too big? Buy it and have it tailored!

Which conveniently brings us to the next rule, tailoring. Almost no one fits in clothes the way they're sold (and we hate those that do). Therefore a tailor is your best friends. Find someone good and stick with him. Buy that gorgeous dress and before you even think about wearing it brining to your BFF the tailor and let it down/out and take it in/up. It doesn't take much but the end result will make the dress, shirt, pants or whatever look so much nicer on you. 

Remember, the most beautiful dress in the world is ugly if it doesn't fit correctly. 

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